Top 8 awesome foods to try in Norway before you die

Make your trip to Norway unforgettable with our guide to the foods and delicacies you must try at least once. Here are 10 highlights to keep an eye out for during your visit.

Top 8 awesome foods to try in Norway before you die

1. Brown cheese

Foods in Norway
Brown cheese is one of the best Foods in Norway

Brunost, though referred to as a cheese, practically isn’t cheese at all (at the very least in regards to how most non-Norwegians would think of it). It’s made from whey that’s usually tossed out during the cheese-making procedure. In Norway, the whey is steamed for a very long time until it caramelizes into a salty, fudge-y brownish ruby. It’s normally offered with a slicer that shaves off thin pieces for positioning atop salute at morning meal.

2. Kjøttkaker

This easy dish prevails throughout the country as well as lots of families consume it weekly. Minced meat is seasoned as well as kneaded with a variety of ingredients, such as onions or rusk, prior to it is formed right into tiny cakes and also pan-fried. These are after that simmered in gravy and offered with either mashed peas or creamed cabbage. This staple is experiencing something of a renaissance after being sidelined by trendier imports like pizza as well as tacos for many years.

3. Lefse

Norwegians love this sweetened range of the traditional soft flatbread with a cup of coffee. It is slathered with a mix of butter, sugar and cinnamon, then diligently folded up or rolled and also cut into portions so that it’s easy to bring. The requirement to promptly get back right into the areas after dinner maybe required the easy, portable nature of this treat as well as, to this particular day, you can get one to go on ferries around the country as well as in well equipped food store.

4. Klippfisk

Spanish anglers came up with this way of protecting fish for the long trip back from the North Sea. Salted, dried and also pushed cod is popular as the star of the Iberian meal bacalao and you can come across great examples of that in Norway, as well, particularly in the north parts of the west shore. Nonetheless, it is likewise made use of to great result in the recipe plukkfisk where the salty fish is steamed and selected from the bone before being folded up right into creamy mashed potato.

5. Pinnekjøtt

This hearty meal of salted, air-dried rib of sheep is traditionally offered on Christmas Eve. The ribs are rehydrated, steamed over birch sticks and served with mashed kohlrabi. It stems from the rolling valleys of the west shore where cattle farming is almost difficult yet sheep are plentiful. The rich, salted preference is balanced by the fundamental sweet taste of the kohlrabi, which makes the dish rounder in taste.

6. Fiskesuppe (Norwegian Fish Soup).

Norwegian fish soup called Fiskesuppe warms the bones on a cold or wet Norway day.

Norwegian fish soup called Fiskesuppe is a wonderful, comforting dish to consume in Norway on a cool wintertime day. It was additionally optimal to consume on the wet summer day when we consumed our means around drizzly Oslo.

7. Lutefisk.

This cheery dish of dried cod taken in lye (a strong alkali) goes all the way back to the 16th century– it’s pointed out in very early literary works as being favoured by aristocracy. The process of making it is intricate, yet essentially a soak in lye before the secondly of three cold-water washes changes the look and also appearance of the fish ( making it resilient). All of the caustic lye is eliminated by the time you’re offered it, normally with generous amounts of bacon, mashed peas, boiled potatoes as well as golden syrup.

8. Norway Food – Caviar Tubes.

Tubed caviar called Rørkaviar is a thing in Norway. We became aware of it prior to our Norwegian cruise and lastly located tubes of lavish Kavli relish at the very same Kristiansand market where we consumed Fiskekaker.

Delighting in these destinations and foods when taking a trip In Norway!

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