How to cook Somen? A delicious food in Japan!

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Somen (or sōmen) is a really thin noodles offered chilly that makes it an ideal summertime recipe. Noodles are offered in cooled water as well as the dipping sauce is also chilled. It is a really easy dish but fantastic to appear between heavy meals to give your tummy a little of a rest. Currently, we will share you exactly how to prepare Somen?

Just how to prepare Somen? A delicious food in Japan!
1. Components for Somen

2 numbers of dried sōmen noodles, about 200g (7oz) in total amount
Chilled water or a handful of ice cubes

Dipping Sauce

200 ml (6.8 oz) dashi supply
50 ml (1.7 oz) soy sauce
50 ml (1.7 oz) mirin

The Dipping Sauce

2 tablespoon carefully sliced shallots (scallions).
1 tbsp grated ginger.
Japanese maple tree leaves, shiso (perilla) leaves, or cucumber slices (optional).

2. Instructions.
Include all the Dipping Sauce components to a small saucepan and also bring it to a boil.
Get rid of from the heat as well as cool it down swiftly by leaving the frying pan in the cold water for some time, after that position it in the refrigerator to cool.
Boil water in a large saucepan. Get rid of the tape around each bunch of sōmen noodles and also position the noodles in the boiling water by spreading the strands.
Making use of chopsticks or a thin wooden spatula, stir the pot so that noodles are divided.
Steam for around 2 minutes (note 3). Drain making use of a filter and rinse well.
Place noodles in a serving bowl, add cooled water (or water + ice), simply sufficient to cover the noodles.
Using chopsticks or tongs with soft sides, take a handful of noodles each time and delicately lay them parallel to ensure that the noodles align perfectly (optional).
Embellish the noodle bowl with leaves or cucumber pieces, if using. Serve with dipping sauce as well as condiments.
3. Dish Notes.

1. You can acquire sōmen at supermarkets along with Japanese/Asian supermarket.

Rather than sōmen, you can use hiyamugi if you such as. If you utilize hiyamugi, boiling time will certainly be a little longer.

2. If you are a vegan, please use konbu-dashi – describe Varieties of Dashi Stock.

3. If the boiling water begins bubbling and also is likely to overflow, change the heat to simmer. Utilizing a deep pan additionally aids prevent the boiling water from overruning.

4. Serving in cold water is one alternative to provide the coolness of the meal. You can merely serve the noodles on a plate without water yet it is most likely a good concept to spread numerous ice cubes. Or else, the noodles could stick each other after a while as well as you might locate it tough to take just a mouthful size of noodles.

Throughout the warm summer season in Tokyo, hiyashi somen noodle is the food that people frequently seem like having. For this dish, I present exactly how to cook Somen along with sauce.

4. Some is a Perfect High-nutrition Food.

Different manufacturing techniques cause various tastes, textures in the mouth, as well as nutritional worths. The process of covering the noodles with vegetable oil and twisting them creates a wheat healthy protein called gluten. To make slim noodles without using an equipment, handmade somen noodles are “turned” many times.

This is why handcrafted somen is an outstanding source of gluten. Actually, somen has more calorific value and contains a lot more protein as well as sugar than udon or hiyamugi. In addition to being yummy and cooling, somen is an excellent high-nutrition food that saves us from the sleepiness of summertime warm. It’s an additional instance of the knowledge behind Japanese food– food that is known for selecting the freshest ingredients in period or materials ideal for various times of the year.

Hope you will have an interest in Somen noodle introduction over as well as do not be reluctant to comment below. Enjoy your meal!

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