Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor Review

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The Acer XFA240 is a robust pc gaming display that comes with a 24 ″ screen, 1080p resolution, 144Hz revitalize price, 1ms response time, and assistance for G-Sync. With a comparison ratio of 1000:1, the display produces a rich shade account that is great for gaming and also media usage. This one could be worth taking a look if you’re looking for a sub $200 gaming display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor Review
1. Design and also Features

The Acer XFA240 is just created. You won’t locate the normal player panache located on display screens two times its price– the name of the game seems reducing the extras that include little to your video gaming experience and rather bringing gaming-grade, high refresh price performance to the masses. Because of this, there’s no RGB or elegant etching; what you’ll see in the pictures is from separate backlights, not the monitor itself.


What you obtain instead is a simple display that’s very easy to establish and get gaming with. The stand has a red ring around the base as the lone dash of color, and affixes to the arm with a solitary thumb screw. From there, the display clicks right into place on the mounting plate as well as you’re all set to link cables. I like just how easy and also fast it is. The stand is additionally rather excellent, supplying nearly six inches of elevation adjustment, numerous tilt to utilize the display screen while standing, as well as also the capability to pivot it 90-degrees for portrait positioning. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t turn, though the base isn’t also hefty to by hand turn when the need occurs. The screen is likewise VESA suitable for aftermarket places.

2. Performance.

You can discover that it comes in optimum brightness which is not essential once you take the display out of the box. You can likewise see that the shades are also looking for some tweaking. You can use the OSD to make small modifications that will make the shades much better.

You can set the gamma to concerning 2.2 as a thumb guideline. Depending upon the space brightness, we advise opting for a brightness setup from 25 to 35 to obtain a halfway decent intense screen. You can also change the RGB setups and saturation to obtain a color profile you are comfortable with.

With these settings, you can see that the games are now much more lively. If you’re a follower of video games with gorgeous outdoors, this display will offer you a visual treat.

If you’re unsure which settings to utilize, you can browse online for finest setups. You’ll discover a great deal of individuals that provide their own settings that result in a great visual efficiency.

The viewing angles of the screen are not wonderful. This is due to the face that the Acer XFA240 features a TN panel in contrast to an IPS or a VA panel. For best outcomes, you must attempt staying in front of the display.

3. Features.

There are six screen hotkeys near the bottom bezel which can be made use of as shortcuts for the following functions: exchanging between the Game modes, adjusting the Overdrive setting, opening up the OSD (On-Screen Display) food selection, altering the input source, readjusting the volume, as well as turning the screen on/off.

The Game settings include 3 adjustable accounts where you can conserve as well as edit your setups. The Acer XFA240 additionally uses advanced image changes such as gamma presets and also 6-axis hue/saturation.

Various other video gaming features include ‘Black Level’ for much better presence in darker games as well as ‘Aim Point,’ which consists of adjustable crosshair overlays.

4. Rate & Similar Monitors.

The Acer XFA240 rate arrays from $170 to $200.

We suggest obtaining one of the 25 ″ 1080p 144Hz designs which are based a more recent 24.5 ″ TN panel that has a bit better colors and watching angles, such as the AOC G2590FX, which also goes for about $200 as well as it’s G-SYNC compatible.

Keep in mind that along with the Acer XFA240, there’s additionally the Acer XF240H version, which is essentially the same screen (additionally G-SYNC compatible), yet it just sustains FreeSync over DisplayPort, not over HDMI.

It’s also offered as a 27 ″ design, the Acer XF270H Bbmiiprx, which is also G-SYNC suitable. Nevertheless, we suggest the 24 ″ variation as it uses a higher pixel-per-inch ratio and, for that reason, overall much better picture quality.

At this rate range, you can also obtain the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P, which has a backlight strobing capability that can even more eliminate movement blur but at the price of image brightness.

Last but not least, you may want to think about the AOC C24G1A as well as the AOC 24G2, which are likewise 24 ″ 1080p 144Hz pc gaming screens however with VA and IPS panels, respectively.

They provide broader seeing angles as well as greater contrast (C24G1A) or better colors (24G2), but they don’t have a rapid response time.

The Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor successfully brings high refresh price gameplay to the masses with its budget-friendly price point, yet I’m dissatisfied by the amount of compromises are called for to get there. For affordable players on a budget plan, it does the job, however it could be worth saving up a little bit extra to go one action greater.

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